Donate Trees

How much CO2 do you use annually?
Find out now with the CO2 Emissions Calculator and donate enough trees to offset your CO2 impact.

Minimum purchase is $10 (equivalent to 10 trees at $1.00 per tree) payable via PayPal or any major credit card.

NOTE: At this time, Replace A Tree Foundation, Inc. is not a non-profit organization. Therefore, your current donations are not tax deductible.

Find Your Tree

The Replace-A-Tree Foundation offers subscribers to Website Magazine the ability to actually locate the farm where their tree was planted. Locate your tree now and find out more information on the type of trees planted by the Replace-A-Tree organization.

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Foundation Partnerships

The Replace-A-Tree Foundation encourages print publications of any type, in every industry to consider partnering with us to help preserve our natural environment. Learn more about partnering with the foundation.

Contact Information

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