Giving back... one tree at a time.

Website Magazine, the most popular print publication for Web success has established a foundation to give back what we, as publishers, take from the earth. Set for completion in 2008, new trees will be planted on behalf of Website Magazine subscribers.  To achieve this noble mission, the necessary funds will be graciously provided by the Replace-A-Tree Foundation, our partners and environmentally-conscious individuals. Learn more about our mission now.

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose
shade you do not expect to sit."
-Nelson Henderson

Find Your Tree

The Replace-A-Tree Foundation will soon offer subscribers to Website Magazine the ability to actually locate the area where a tree was planted on their behalf. Learn more and find your tree now.

About Website Magazine

Website Magazine ( is a must-read print and digital publication providing a wide scope of informative articles on practical Web business trends for those seeking Internet success. Learn more about Website Magazine and request a free subscription today.

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Foundation Partnerships

The Replace-A-Tree Foundation encourages print publications of any type, in every industry to consider partnering with us to help preserve our natural environment. Learn more about partnering with the foundation.

Contact Information

Contact the Replace-A-Tree Foundation.